at the bungalow


New to Pilates at the Bungalow?

Not only do we love new customers at Pilates at the Bungalow, but our existing clients love new customers!

None of the "regulars" like being the "new person" in class, so new clients to the studio are welcomed with open arms by the regular clients.

Regular clients benefit from the review of hearing someone new learn, so don't worry about being the "new person".... with one exception.

Our policy has always been to ask that people take at least one private before joining a group class.

Since opening in 2001, more than 90% of the people that we have made an exception for this policy ended up taking a private and "understanding" the "one-private-before-joining a class-policy" in hindsight.

If nothing else, please consider the other people in the class - they love new people, but you need to enter the class with a basic understanding.

Please only ask for an exception if you have no physical limitations and if you know how to do short spine, stomach massage, pull straps, and elephant.